Father Abraham

Father Abraham cover art
Instructor: Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
Lessons: 3
Discipline: Old Testament
Course Group: Pentateuch

Christians, Muslims and Jews all look to the patriarch Abraham as the father of their faiths, but these religions draw very different conclusions from his biography.

This series explores the account of Abraham's life in Genesis from a distinctly Christian perspective in order to answer questions such as: What did these stories mean for those who first received them? And what do they mean for us today?

Course Goals:

  • Summarize the structure, content, original meaning and modern application of Genesis 12-25.
  • Explain how Abraham's life served as a model for Israel in Moses' day.

48 min.

Lesson 1: The Life of Abraham: Structure and Content

Explores the stories that ancient Israelites told about Abraham, their great patriarch.
65 min.

Lesson 2: The Life of Abraham: Original Meaning

Explores the original impact these stories were intended to have on the nation of Israel as they followed Moses toward the Promised Land.
58 min.

Lesson 3: The Life of Abraham: Modern Application

Concentrates on responsible ways to draw modern applications from the chapters in Genesis that speak of Abraham.