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Search Tips

In order to maximize the searching power of our website, we use six distinct search engines. You will get the best results if you use the most appropriate engine for your search. Biblical references tips apply to all types of searches, but other tips vary according to the type of search you run.

Webpages & Files back to top

This is a Google-style search that will not take you to an external site (e.g., google.com) to display results. It is a full-text, full-site search of all the webpages that make up our site, and of most of the documents on our server. It excludes Word documents, .zip files, and other non-standard web document types.

Magazine Articles back to top

This search produces results only from our magazine articles. It does not perform a full-text search. However, it can produce results for Word documents and other non-standard web document types.

Q&A Knowledgebase back to top

This is a full-text search of all the Q&A on our website.

Audio Files back to top

This searches the index files for our audio files. Index files contain limited information regarding the audio files, such as author, author's bio, title and sermon text.

eStore back to top

This searches the webpages that make up the content listsings in our eStore.

Google back to top

This performs a site-specific search via google.com. It takes the user off the thirdmill.org website to a results page on google.com.

Biblical References back to top

We try to maintain fairly standard conventions for biblical cites. The following tips will help you find biblical references on our site and in our documents.