Partners in Ministry

Fulfilling the goal of Biblical education for the world for free requires Christians to cooperate with each other. IIIM Reformed Seminary extends an open hand in every way possible with other evangelical organizations. Several of our partner organizations are listed below (in alphabetical order).

American Anglican Council

The American Anglican Council is a network of individuals, parishes, dioceses and ministries who affirm biblical authority and Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican Communion. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the American Anglican Council is to build up and defend Great Commission Anglican churches in North America and worldwide through advocacy and counsel, leadership development and equipping the local church.

AMONG Mongolia

AMONG Mongolia seeks to share the Gospel with the people of Mongolia, translates and broadcasts Thirdmill’s curriculum on Eagle Television, and freely distributes Thirdmill's curriculum to countryside pastors. To view the Mongolian translations, click here.

Anglican Mission in America

Anglican Mission in America is a conservative branch of the Anglican Church under the authority of the Archbishop of Rwanda. Thirdmill produced two lessons, The Theology of the Word and The Theology of Sacrament, for the Anglican Mission in America's Anglican Studies Program.

Argentine Bible Society

The Argentine Bible Society, part of a global network of Bible Societies, seeks to promote the encounter of Christians with the Word of God, increase biblical interaction in the context of the churches, and contribute to the development of a worldview based on Scripture. They use Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum as the basis for their Teleios project.

Asociación de Iglesias Bíblicas Costarricenses

Asociación de Iglesias Bíblicas Costarricenses, in association with United World Mission, has a vision to grow the education of pastors in Costa Rica (80% have no formal training) and for them to train and disciple others in their churches to raise new leaders, missionaries, and pastors. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum for their training purposes.

Belhaven University

Belhaven University offers affordable, fully online degree options using Thirdmill’s curriculum in their Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Biblical Studies. Belhaven’s service to students joins Thirdmill’s engaging multimedia lessons to form a high-impact, low-cost education.

Berea Bible College and Seminary

Berea Bible College and Seminary is a bible college and seminary in Ghana that uses Thirdmill’s curriculum in their classes.

Berita Satu Media Holdings

Berita Satu Media Holdings is the world’s largest media company in reporting and delivering news about Indonesia. They dedicate an entire channel on their network to Thirdmill’s curriculum and translate Thirdmill's lessons into Indonesian.


BibleMesh provides high quality online education to produce faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, combining a deep passion for Scripture and excellent scholarship to provide trusted theological education for the people of God on mission in the world. BibleMesh offers Thirdmill curriculum as part of their high-quality online learning environment.

BibleMesh Institute

In addition to offering affordable access to Thirdmill courses on its BibleMesh platform, the BibleMesh Institute offers a Third Millennium Certificate made up of 8 courses that are worth up to 24 credit hours at the Master’s level under faculty supervision.

Birmingham Theological Seminary

Birmingham Theological Seminary offers two programs with Thirdmill content: an International Certificate of Christian Ministry and Master of Arts in Biblical Theology. The Certificate of Christian Ministry (CCM) is available in English and Spanish absolutely free of charge to all students living outside the US.


Blaze is The Grace Institute's local and regional discipleship effort for laity, elder, or pastor training that occurs through learning communities. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in their training. provides Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum for free to people searching for key information about the Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Camino Global

Camino Global offers a shared journey with Spanish speakers everywhere to transform communities, equip believers, and reach the world. Camino Global uses and actively distributes Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum.

Canal Peniel Camojá Guatemala

Canal Peniel Camojá Guatemala is a Christian television station in Guatemala that airs lessons from Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum two times each week.

Caribbean Initiative

The Caribbean Initiative seeks to strengthen the Evangelical Church in Cuba by providing pastors and church planters theological courses and biblical reference materials within a context of intentional mentoring relationships. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses at their seminary, Los Pinos Nuevos.

Celebration College

Celebration College, located in Zimbabwe, is a bible college under Celebration Ministries International that provides a two year part-time diploma program. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in both their taught courses and online program.

Central Asia Reform Biblical Seminary

Central Asia Reform Biblical Seminary, associated with Miami International Theological Seminary (MINTS), equips pastors, Christian workers, church planters, and professors through granting theological degrees.

Centro Bíblico SOLAE

Centro Biblico SOLAE is an online seminary that uses Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum to provide accessible biblical education to current and future leaders of the Costa Rican church.

China Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (CARTS)

China Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries is a group of reformed theological seminaries based in China that gather yearly to encourage and support each other. The various seminaries use Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum in some courses.

China Ministries International

China Ministries International is dedicated to evangelizing Chinese people, church and culture through research, training, sending of missionaries, and publications. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in their Master of Divinity program.

China Partnership

China Partnership exists to serve as a bridge between Western and Chinese churches. They coordinate many efforts in China, especially leadership training, which has led to increased distribution of Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum to thousands of church leaders.

Chinese Christianity Network TV (CCN-TV)

Chinese Christianity Network TV (CCN-TV) provides Chinese Christian educational resources, sermons, music, news, and more. They currently webcast Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum through the internet free of charge.

Chinese House Churches and Seminaries

Although house churches in China have grown from small meetings to large study centers and seminaries, they do not have enough qualified teachers at their main seminaries and have little curriculum for their satellite sites. Many house churches and seminaries in China use Thirdmill's Chinese curriculum to help train their leaders.

Christian Bridge International / Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation

Christian Bridge International and the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation are a Russian-American team of Christians who are working to facilitate American Christians' contacts with believers in the former Soviet Union. They have distributed Thirdmill's Russian curriculum to people in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Christian Camping International

Christian Camping International is a worldwide alliance of Christian camps that promotes and supports Christian camping throughout the world.

Christian Schools International

Christian Schools International advances Christian education and supports schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service.

Christian University and Theological Seminary, Inc.

Christian University and Theological Seminary, Inc. is a nonprofit religious organization that provides a complete education to Christian workers to fully equip them to become disciples. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.

CITA-Edu, Inc.

CITA-Edu, Inc. provides a complete on-line Master of Divinity curriculum for leaders and informal students. These courses are taught in a live class where they are recorded and offered free of charge through the internet in video, audio and manuscript formats. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in their courses.

Comunión Anglicana Episcopal Ortodoxa

Comunión Anglicana Episcopal Ortodoxa plans to start a seminary that will use Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum in some of their courses.

Confederación Mundial de Capellanes

Confederación Mundial de Capellanes uses Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum to train and send church leaders in Argentina.

Cornhill Scotland

Cornhill Scotland offers a Pastor’s Training Course that uses Thirdmill’s online classroom as well as other aspects of Thirdmill’s curriculum. This integrated course shapes Christian people to be servants of the word of Christ.

Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary (CETS)

Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary is a non-denominational web-based Christian Theological education organization, associated with Miami International Theological Seminary (MINTS), that trains faithful and wise workers for the building up of a healthy church. They use Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum in some of their courses.


Thirdmill has collaborated with Cru on many projects, including our trip to Africa in 2012 to distribute 3,000 flash drives. In addition, the Cru International School of Leadership currently uses our series, Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament, for its Old Testament Survey class.

Desoto County Academy

Desoto County Academy is a private school where children get a quality Christian education from faculty who teach with a Biblical worldview and stress the importance of Christian character. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their Bible classes.

E. Stanley Jones College

E. Stanley Jones College provides Christian education in Theology, Christian Studies, and counseling for students from all over India. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.


EdBrite is a learning management system (LMS) sponsored by World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA). It is designed for users of all technology levels to easily get started with blended on-campus learning or full online education.

EduTech Mission

EduTech Mission equips ministry leaders around the world by providing quality consulting, training, and resources and using various tools to nurture Gospel transformation and church growth.

Emanuel for Christian Books, Tapes and Gifts

Emanuel for Christian Books, Tapes and Gifts is a book and gift store that distributes Thirdmill’s Arabic and other Christian materials.

Emoyeni Ministries - South Africa

Emoyeni Ministries - South Africa works to restore sons and daughters to their God-given identity so they can transform their communities and revive South Africa. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum to train pastors and church leaders.

Equip Bible Academy

Equip Bible Academy is a school in South Africa that uses Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.

Equipping Leaders International (ELI)

Equipping Leaders International serves the neediest of Christian leaders who have had little formal training, resources, or prospect of attaining either. ELI provides and teaches Thirdmill curriculum to church leaders in developing world nations.

Equipping Pastors International (EPI)

Equipping Pastors International teaches a biblical worldview to pastors and their wives in developing nations. Members of the EPI mission team travel regularly to share their resources, but continue to reside in the U.S., allowing third-world pastors to lead their own churches in evangelism and discipleship. EPI is instrumental in distributing Thirdmill’s curriculum to countries all over the world.

Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church

Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church is one of the largest denominations in Ethiopia with over 5,000 congregations. They have officially embraced Thirdmill's Amharic curriculum to be used in their Bible Schools.

European Baptist Federation (Network of Russian-Speaking Churches)

The network of Russian-speaking churches in the European Baptist Federation partners with Thirdmill by posting links on their website to Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum.

Evangelical Leadership Institute (ELI) Asia

Evangelical Leadership Institute (ELI) Asia is a band of biblical, theological and ministerial educators whose mission is to provide quality teaching materials and practical training for pastors, elders and other church leaders right where they are so they don’t have to leave their respective places of ministry. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in some of their training.

Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine

Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine runs both a seminary and an online Bible college in Kiev, Ukraine. Their seminary is the official seminary of two Ukrainian Reformed denominations. Both the seminary and online college use Thirdmill's Russian curriculum in some of their courses.

Evangelical Youth Ministry

Evangelical Youth Ministry is part of the General Evangelical Council in Egypt. They use Thirdmill’s Arabic curriculum as part of a Bible study and discipleship program geared towards college students.

Evangelism Explosion International

Evangelism Explosion International is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in their Advanced Theological Studies (EEATS) program to train ministry leaders.

Facultad Interamericana de Estudios Teológicos (FIET)

Facultad Interamericana de Estudios Teológicos is an accredited seminary with an extensive distance education program throughout Latin America. FIET uses Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum in their program.

Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC)

Far East Broadcasting Company is a global Christian broadcast ministry that develops and delivers programs to listeners around the world in 100 different languages. Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic are among FEBC’s prioritized areas of ministry. They currently use Thirdmill's curriculum as part of their broadcast programming.

Fundación Editorial de Literatura Reformada (FELiRe)

Fundación Editorial de Literatura Reformada is a Christian organization sponsored by various Reformed churches in the Netherlands. FELiRE serves the people of God through the promotion of good-quality Christian literature in Latin America.

Glory Outreach Assembly Church

Glory Outreach Assembly Church uses Thirdmill’s curriculum in their school, which was started to reach out to the poor and needy children in Burundi.

Good News Theological Seminary

Good News Theological Seminary is interdenominational and provides Christ-centered and biblical based theological and pastoral education primarily to church workers and leaders of African Instituted Churches (AICs). The Seminary equips both men and women with character, knowledge and skills for servant leadership. The Seminary offers online courses and other programs based on Thirdmill’s curriculum, as well as resources and other supplementary readings.

Gospel for Ethiopia

Gospel for Ethiopia exists to equip indigenous Ethiopian pastors with Biblical training and resources. They are currently translating Thirdmill's curriculum into Amharic.

Gospel Through Colombia

In association with Universidad Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano, Gospel Through Colombia uses Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum to equip church leaders in over 20 cities in Colombia. They focus on training and equipping indigenous pastors.

Grace Theological College

Grace Theological College trains leaders for churches in New Zealand. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum to expand and enrich their training programs.

GRACETIME Online Bookstore

GRACETIME Online Bookstore is an online store that provides Russian bibles and other theological books and videos. They distribute Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum.

Great Commission College

Great Commission College is the first Bible school in the Middle East to partner with Thirdmill. They use Thirdmill's Arabic curriculum as part of their teaching.

Grupo Evangelístico

Grupo Evangelístico "Aqui hay un lugar para ti" uses Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum to reach different peoples and ethnic groups in Mexico and train new believers.

GTM - Mega Missions Mobilization Project

GTM - Mega Missions Mobilization Project exists to recruit and train laborers for domestic, diaspora and frontier missions ministries. This training results in planting churches and fellowships with transformational impact in schools, on campuses and in communities in Nigeria and Francophone African countries. GTM uses Thirdmill's curriculum to help train their disciples and leaders.

Haifa Theological Institute

Haifa Theological Institute's vision is to strengthen the Russian-speaking Messianic body in Israel and to train future Messianic leaders. They use some of Thirdmill's Russian curriculum in their courses.

Harmony Theological Seminary

Harmony Theological Seminary provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for their students. The seminary's central administration office is in Israel with offices also in Ghana, Zambia and UK, which reflects the various backgrounds and cultures of the area. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in some of their courses.


HopeRussia's Church Planting Network provides long-term mentoring to pastors, helping them grow as disciples of Jesus and shepherds of his flock. The Church Planting Network consists of more than 20 churches spanning four countries and nine time zones. They use Thirdmill's Russian curriculum to help train their pastors.

Huguenot Heritage

Huguenot Heritage works with Thirdmill to bring biblical education to the French-speaking world. Huguenot Heritage is the ministry of Thirdmill's French Language Coordinator, Rev. Francis Foucachon, who is translating Thirdmill's curriculum into French.

Iglesia Cristiana Reformada Presbiteriana

Iglesia Cristiana Reformada Presbiteriana is a church in Mexico that preaches the gospel to transform the nation, especially children.

Iglesia Evangélica Getsemaní

Iglesia Evangélica Getsemaní is a church in Cuba that uses Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum to train students within their church. These students then use what they learn to teach Sunday School classes.

Impact Television Network (ITN)

Impact Television Network broadcasts Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum on their station which reaches the U.S., Europe and Russia. ITN also offers news and homeland information, movies and dramas, talk shows, children's programming, and religious worship and teaching.

Instituto Bíblico CRECER

Instituto Bíblico CRECER is a non-profit academic organization that offers online resources for Christians. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses.

Instituto Bíblico Ministerial

Instituto Bíblico Ministerial, based in Colombia, has a free theological training portal where they use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in their academic programs.

Instituto Bíblico Teologico EDUCA

Instituto Bíbilco Teologico is a virtual seminary based in Chile that helps Spanish-speaking people of God around the world to have access to theological, biblical, and ministerial training. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses.


ISAFEOCRI, an Orthodox church based in Colombia, uses Thirdmill's curriculum to complement their theological training for missionaries and church leaders.

ITEN EPC:World Outreach

ITEN, a ministry track of Evangelical Presbyterian Church's World Outreach, exists to develop teachers among unreached peoples who will develop teachers among other unreached peoples. Their focus is on theological education and leadership training, using Thirdmill's curriculum to accomplish this goal.

Jesus Moment Bible Institute

Jesus Moment Bible Institute offers college level Bible, theology and ministry courses in their Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum as part of their coursework.

Jesus4Me Ministry, Inc.

Jesus4Me Ministry, Inc. offers two Thirdmill lesson series in their effort to train leaders and members for ministry.

Jonkman Theological Study Center

Jonkman Theological Study Center is one of seven study centers throughout Ecuador where students learn Bible and theological courses, biblical counseling, and biblical principles for living out their faith in Christ. They use Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum for some of their courses.

Jude Project

The Jude Project translates and publishes biblical training resources for Christians in the Middle East. They translate Thirdmill's curriculum into Farsi.

Kingdom Restoration Society

Kingdom Restoration Society is a global partnership mission agency that works for the proclamation of the good news of the kingdom of God in word and deed. They use Thirdmill curriculum for their training courses in Africa.

LAMP Theological Seminary

The LAMP Theological Seminary Program offers the full range of courses needed for ordination within a local church context in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America).

LifeChange International

LifeChange International is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to transform lives and living conditions of children and adults in the Philippines, Uganda, Mexico and several other locations around the world.

Lift Your Eyes Ministries

Lift Your Eyes Ministries provides ministry and training to reach the unreached. They distribute Thirdmill's Arabic curriculum to pastors in Egypt, Philippines, and other countries.

Logoi Ministries Incorporated

Logoi Ministries provides on-the-job Bible training, continuing education, and resources for Spanish pastors and church leaders.

Logos Global Network (LGN)

Logos Global Network ministers worldwide through Christian education, missions, and humanitarian ministries. LGN distributes Thirdmill's curriculum to educational institutions in a number of countries. In addition, Logos Christian College & Graduate Schools incorporates Thirdmill's curriculum into its distance education program.

Making Disciplers Ministry

Making Disciplers Ministry uses Thirdmill's Arabic curriculum in North Africa and the Middle East to teach and train lay church leaders.

Martha's Vineyard Theological Seminary

Martha's Vineyard Theological Seminary helps inner-city and urban Pastors deepen their faith and expand their knowledge of God.

Miami International Seminary (MINTS)

Miami International Seminary is a mission organization that uses higher Christian education to train future leaders, pastors, and Christian workers to reach their own people. MINTS uses Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.

Middle East Association for Theological Education

Middle East Association for Theological Education is a network that serves evangelical theological institutions in the Middle East and North Africa. They offer some of Thirdmill's Arabic curriculum on their website,

Ministerio Desde Las Naciones

Ministerio Desde Las Naciones is a Hispanic mission agency using Thirdmill's Chinese curriculum in Nepal.

Mission Eurasia

Mission Eurasia trains, equips, and mobilizes national Christian leaders throughout Eurasia and Israel who are engaging in evangelism, church-planting, holistic ministries, and church growth to transform their countries for Christ.

Mission to the World (MTW)

Mission To the World is the missions division of the Presbyterian Church in America. MTW partners with Thirdmill in numerous ways. Many MTW missionaries use Thirdmill’s curriculum in their ministries around the world.


Mission:Hope is a Christ-centered organization committed to equipping leaders and churches to bring about sustainable transformation in isolated villages in Indonesia, Nicaragua, China, Dominican Republic, and D.R. Congo. Formerly known as Rivers of the World.

Myungsung Medical College

Myungsung Medical College provides advanced medical services to the people in Ethiopia who are unable to get proper medical care, by collaborating with international organizations, evangelistic churches, and other mission organizations throughout the world.

Naioth Prophetic School

Naioth Prophetic School equips many leaders in the house church movement in mainland China by training Taiwanese and Chinese leaders using Thirdmill's Chinese curriculum and other resources.

National Presbyterian Church of Mexico

The National Presbyterian Church of Mexico has adopted Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum as the core of their distance education efforts for training pastors.

New City Fellowship - Chattanooga

New City Fellowship - Chattanooga is a cross-cultural church with an emphasis on ministering to the inner city of Chattanooga, TN. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum to train lay leaders at their School of Ministry.

NRBTV Network

The NRBTV Network streams various Thirdmill series in 30 minute segments on DirecTV, other cable channels and streaming devices such as GoogleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku, YouTube, and AppleTV.


OneHundredFold is a group of specialists in software development, web design, database engineering, networking and telecommunications who believe that mobile technology has a transformative role to play in making the gospel of Christ accessible to every individual on Earth. OneHundredFold works with Great Commission ministry partners who have text, audio, video or communications content which must be delivered via mobile means and/or which must be made securely and discretely accessible.

Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization brings the message of hope through Jesus Christ to men, women, and children around the world. Several of their staff members use Thirdmill’s curriculum with those whom they are ministering.

Our Daily Bread Christian University

Through Christian University GlobalNet, Our Daily Bread Christian University, offers Thirdmill's curriculum on their website in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. Both CUGN and Our Daily Bread Christian University are affiliated with Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Peru Mission

Peru Mission is building solid, holistic Christian community in the urban centers of northern Peru. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum as part of their theological education.

Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula

Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula seeks to encourage the global church to pray for the seven countries of the Arabian Peninsula. They offer Thirdmill’s Arabic curriculum on their website.

PS78 Teachers

PS78 Teachers encourage an interest in, and facilitate the creation of, God-centered day schools and home schools in evangelical churches worldwide, and equip teachers for these schools.

PTS College & Advanced Studies

PTS College & Advanced Studies seeks to Provide quality and holistic Christian educational services at all levels; Train men and women for the building-up of the church and transformation of the society; and Serve as catalyst for the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.

Pura Gracia Radio

Pura Gracia Radio is a Spanish language non-for-profit internet radio station based in Puerto Rico. They broadcast Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum on their station.

Reconciliation Ministries Network Inc.

Reconciliation Ministries Network Inc. seeks to reconcile the races to God and each other by equipping and mobilizing ethnic churches. They list Third Millennium Ministries on their Theological Schools and Missions Resources web page.

Recursos Reformados

Recursos Reformados is a database of Spanish Biblical resources for each stage of study, from the basics to a seminar program. They provide links to Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum.

Reformed Ministry Training Institute (RMTI)

Reformed Ministry Training Institute exists to equip Christian leaders and aspiring pastors by providing a variety of ministry training resources and opportunities in RMTI centers in the Philippines.

Regent University

Regent University provides in-class and distance learning for an education that expertly brings knowledge and faith together. They use some of Thirdmill’s curriculum in their online learning.

Sabiduría Libros

Sabiduría Libros is a Reformed bookstore in Santiago, Chile that offers some of Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum.


SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television system that broadcasts Thirdmill’s Arabic curriculum throughout the Middle East and North Africa, including Syrian refugee camps.

Seminario Bíblico Plenitud

Seminario Bíblico Plenitud is an online seminary in Chile that offers free biblical materials and studies. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses.

Seminario Bíblico Reformado

Seminario Bíblico Reformado is an online seminary that equips and trains the laity and the leadership of the church using Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum along with others.

Seminario La Misión Iglesia Presbiteriana

Seminario La Misión Iglesia Presbiteriana is an evangelical church and seminary in Buenos Aires seeking to renew the city through the gospel. They use Thirdmill's Spanish materials within the church and seminary.

Seminario Teológico Presbiteriano - San Pablo

Seminario Teológico Presbiteriano - San Pablo is committed to training leaders of the Evangelical Church in Mexico. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses, and their professors also provide editing and translation services for Thirdmill.

Seminario Virtual Evangélico Juan Knox

Seminario Virtual Evangélico Juan Knox is a virtual university based in Argentina that provides theological courses, including Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum, for several Central and South American countries.

Seminary Advantage

Seminary Advantage partners with the local church to offer the ability to host an independent training center to train up and equip believers to become effective disciples and new church planters. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum as part of their training.

Servant Leadership Institute of Nigeria

The Servant Leadership Institute trains, equips, and resources church leaders for the African Church. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum to educate pastors and church leaders.

Serving Ministers Of Christ

Serving Ministers of Christ supports and equips rural Chilean pastors by providing no cost audio-visual training materials, including some of Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum.

Shubh Sandesh Waqt

Shubh Sandesh Waqt - "Time For Good News" - teaches and trains leaders in remote villages of India using Thirdmill’s Hindi curriculum.

Siberian Mission

Siberian Mission uses Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum to train pastors, leaders, and local churches in northeastern Siberia.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers a Master of Arts in Christian Studies that recognizes Thirdmill courses for 24 of its 36 required credits. These 24 credits are offered in the Third Millennium Certificate through the BibleMesh Institute.

Sports Fan Outreach International

Sports Fan Outreach International participates in the Great Commission by mobilizing, equipping and discipling teams of preachers and evangelists to proclaim Christ (Phil. 1:18) to fans at major sporting events in the U.S.A. and around the world.

Sports Outreach Group

Sports Outreach Group helps local churches utilize sports as a bridge to reach people and a laboratory to transform them...redeeming sports. Sports Outreach Group consists of Church Sports Outreach and Sports Chaplains Network.

Study to Serve Ministries

Study to Serve Ministries focuses on Bible teaching in prisons in South Africa, using Thirdmill's curriculum to spread the gospel and to equip saints for ministry.

Teaching Along The Way

Teaching Along The Way is a teaching ministry in Egypt led by MTW missionaries. They use Thirdmill's Arabic curriculum in their online teaching ministry.

TEB Seminary

TEB Seminary is a graduate-level theological seminary that seeks to provide training at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels to prepare its students for a variety of Christian ministries.

The Circle Story

The Circle Story acts as an empowering organization that enables individuals to do good for the sake of the Gospel, the good news of Jesus. They envision, educate and send out individuals to places of need, reaching the most vulnerable in society on a global scale. They use Thirdmill's curriculum for pastors and lay leaders that have never done formal Bible training, focusing their efforts in Africa.

The Good Shepherd Association

The Good Shepherd Association focuses on evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. They have weekly meetings and work among college students and young adults in the Middle East.

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition is a group of pastors and churches in the Reformed tradition that put the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of all activities. They promote Thirdmill’s curriculum on their websites.

The Grace Institute

The Grace Institute works with seminaries and Bible institutes throughout the world to help them reach their networks of pastors who normally could never attend a traditional seminary class. Using Thirdmill’s curriculum and creative and accessible methods, they take the education to those pastors and leaders in a deep and profound way.

The Living Bread

The Living Bread uses Thirdmill's Arabic curriculum among their study groups and on their website. They also use Thirdmill's Arabic online classroom in some of their learning communities.

THEOn Online Learning Website

THEOn makes theological education accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum (video segments, study guides, tests, etc.) in their theological program.

Third Millennium Leadership Institute of the Philippines

The Third Millennium Leadership Institute of the Philippines provides a world class biblical education that builds and equips future Christian leaders. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in their courses.

Timeless Theological Academy

Timeless Theological Academy is an online community dedicated to providing the best courses for spiritual growth and development at affordable prices.

Timothy Two Project International

Timothy Two Project, International is committed to equipping and training indigenous pastors and ministry leaders with the essential truths of the Christian faith so that they can train others. Their missionaries distribute Thirdmill's curriculum to pastors in the countries where they serve.

Tyrannus Online Seminary

Tyrannus Online Seminary is a non-profit and non-denominational organization that provides theological education online to Christian working adults. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.

Tyumen Bible School

Tyumen Bible School exists to train Russian pastors in a distinctly Reformed setting to lead churches all over the country. They use Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum in some of their courses.

Ukraine Biblical Seminary

Ukraine Biblical Seminary serves as the main distribution point for Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum, which has been adopted by the seminary and used in their leadership training.

Union Theological College

Union Theological College (Belfast, Northern Ireland), in conjunction with the BibleMesh Institute, offers an accredited Graduate Diploma and a Graduate Certificate in Theology under the supervision of the Presbyterian theological faculty.

Universidad Teológica Internacional

Universidad Teológica Internacional is an independent, interdenominational university aimed at teaching the central doctrines of Christianity. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses.

Village Seven Presbyterian Church

Village Seven Presbyterian Church uses Thirdmill’s online classroom to help pastors prepare for ordination.

Vision Costa Rica / ICRICEN

Vision Costa Rica / ICRICEN is a Costa Rican church with a vision for a Reformed church-planting movement in Costa Rica and throughout Central America.

Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone

Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone uses Thirdmill’s curriculum to train pastors and other church workers in three extension centers located in rural communities of Sierra Leone.

West Coast Bible College and Seminary

West Coast Bible College and Seminary educates and ministers to a diverse community of students in the US and Africa. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.


WorldVenture is a mission-sending agency that is committed to making disciples of all peoples. They use Thirdmill's curriculum for their in-house training program.

Wycliffe Associates

Wycliffe Associates focuses on accelerating Bible translation across the globe. They placed Thirdmill’s curriculum on their website for immediate translation by anyone interested.

Yayasan Edukasi & Sosial 21 (YES Indonesia)

Yayasan Edukasi & Social 21 uses Thirdmill’s curriculum to teach and train Christian leaders to bring about a revival rooted in the right faith.

Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan

Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan seeks to deliver education through a Christian worldview to all segments of society. The YPPH affiliated college, Universitas Pelita Harapan, received approval from the Indonesian government to open a philosophy department under which they offer theology programs. Thirdmill’s curriculum constitutes the majority of the core curriculum for these programs. In addition, Thirdmill’s curriculum is a central part of the training required for all those who teach at any of the twenty-seven YPPH affiliated schools.

Youth for Christ International

Youth for Christ International leads a small cohort through Thirdmill’s one-year curriculum. In conjunction with Birmingham Theological Seminary, these students will receive a Certificate in Christian Ministry upon satisfactory completion of the program.