Seminary Curriculum: Academic Details

How is the curriculum structured?

Curriculum > Discipline > Group > Course > Lesson
The curriculum is divided into five major disciplines: Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Practical Theology, and Church History. Each discipline is divided into groups of courses. Each group contains courses, and each course consists of lessons.

Credit Hours

A typical credit hour in an accredited seminary consists of at least 8 classroom or "contact" hours. Each "contact hour" is shorter than a real-time hour, commonly consisting of only 50 minutes of instruction, discussion, testing, etc.

IIIM Reformed Seminary's curriculum can replace instruction and discussion hours on an hour-for-hour basis. However, because the lessons are tightly scripted, each video hour contains two to three times the content of an average live classroom hour. As a result, schools implementing the curriculum may choose to assign a higher "contact hour" value to each real-time hour provided by our lessons, or to assign less homework.

Degree Equivalent

The curriculum is designed to be completed and implemented in three stages: a 27-credit certificate, a 54-credit M.A, and a 67.5-credit academic M.Div. core. It includes courses in Old Testament, New Testament, theology, practical theology, and church history. The curriculum is a work-in-progress. The 27-credit certificate curriculum is currently complete in English.

The curriculum's content is suitable to a biblical studies degree, but it can also serve as the basis for a theological studies degree. The M.Div. academic core is designed to be augmented with practicum courses and labs by local schools to create three-year Master of Divinity program. Educational institutions and teachers may deploy our courses as stand-alone units, or incorporate them into their own courses.

The curriculum is designed for use by accredited institutions. All featured teachers are seminary professors from fully accredited seminaries. The total multimedia hours are sufficient to qualify for the credits listed. For use in accredited settings, these lessons would typically be accompanied by written assignments, discussions and testing. Study guides that accompany multimedia lessons outline and facilitate assignments and discussions.

What Courses are Currently Available?

The curriculum is a work in progress. Courses are made available as soon as they are completed. All courses in the 27-credit certificate curriculum are currently available in English. Most completed courses are also available in other languages. The 54-credit M.A. curriculum should be completed in English in the next two years.

Please see our list of currently available courses.