Reproduction Policy

The seminary curriculum offered by IIIM Reformed Seminary is produced, copyrighted and distributed by Third Millennium Ministries. All reproduction of curriculum materials must comply with Third Millennium Ministries' reproduction policies.

Royalty-Free Reproduction

Third Millennium Ministries permits and encourages the reproduction and free distribution of its DVDs, USB flash drives and other reproducible media for certain types of missions use. Third Millennium Ministries requires no royalty payments for such reproduction and distribution.

To qualify for royalty-free reproduction, media reproductions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Media reproductions must be distributed to missionaries, churches, Bible schools, theological study centers, seminaries, or indigenous individuals.
  • Media reproductions must not be sold for any amount in excess of the actual cost of reproduction.
  • Media reproductions may be in full or in part, but may not edit or alter the content of the original Third Millennium Ministries production.

Full quality original disc art is available for use with reproductions. Images are provided in JPG format.

To request a royalty-free reproduction grant for a use that does not comply with the foregoing guidelines, or to receive clarification of the policy regarding a particular use, please email

Royalty-Due Reproduction

If you would like to reproduce Third Millennium Ministries' curriculum, but your use does not fall within the guidelines outlined for royalty-free media reproduction, please email Your email should explain:

  • The scope and format of the reproduction you intend.
  • The country in which the reproductions will be used.
  • The nature of the use (e.g., school, private individuals, etc.).
  • The cost of reproduction, and any financial compensation you will receive for the reproductions.

Original disc art is available for use with reproductions.