Video Resources by IIIM Reformed Seminary

Seminary Courses

IIIM Reformed Seminary offers many free video seminary courses. Lessons consist primarily of a narrative lecture accompanied by animations, illustrations, maps, charts, quotations and other graphic elements that enhance the lecture's content, as well as live footage of the hosting teacher. Many lessons also include video interview segments with professors from various seminaries around the world.

To stream or download video lessons, simply choose the video lesson links from the appropriate course page. Each lesson is also accompanied by a free downloadable study guide.

IIIM Reformed Seminary is not a school and does not conduct classes with students. However, we do publish courses that are used in many Bible colleges and seminaries around the world. Users of our website enjoy these same materials at not cost. We are also available to help schools and churches set up their own courses or study programs using our resources.

Read more about our seminary curriculum here.

Online Classroom

IIIM Reformed Seminary's online classroom is a virtual online learning management system. Accounts are free and offer access to all course content. IIIM Reformed Seminary does not conduct classes with students, but our online classroom is available for use and customization by schools, teachers, churches, etc. Institutions and teachers interested in using our online courses should contact moodleadmin@thirdmillorg.

Mobile Apps

IIIM Reformed Seminary offers mobile applications for Apple iOS devices, Android devices, Windows phones, and Kindle devices and phones.

Seminary Lessons on DVD

IIIM Reformed Seminary offers its seminary courses on DVD. This format is particularly useful for broadcasting, presentation on large screens, and use in settings that lack broadband internet access.

Free DVDs or USBs may be requested for use in missions, underprivileged nations, and special needs. DVDs and USBs for all other uses are available for purchase. For either use, please complete our Third Millennium Ministries Curriculum Request Form.

DVDs may be freely copied and distributed in accordance with our reproduction policy. Original disc art is available for use with reproductions.