Course Group: Basic Christian Doctrine

Many Christians readily identify with their faith, but don't understand its fundamental doctrines. What is the Trinity? Who was Jesus? What is the gospel? Why do we do the things we do in church? And how do we know which doctrines are fundamental in the first place?

Moreover, systematic theology is often taught in a way that makes it inaccessible for students who do not already have a background in formal theology. This can make it hard for new students of theology to grasp the difficult concepts handled by systematicians, and difficult to form their own systems of belief.

These series are designed to overcome these obstacles by presenting the most critical Christian doctrines in terms that are easy to understand, and in ways that form a secure foundation for more advanced studies.

Course Group Goals

  • Introduce and explain the central doctrines of historic Christianity.
  • Survey the historical doctrines related to God's attributes, plan for history, and works.
  • Describe in detail the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Available Courses in this Group