Course Group: Intermediate Christian Doctrine

After gaining a basic understanding of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity, many Christians are satisfied to stop learning. But there are still many important truths that Scripture teaches us about many theological topics.

These courses address many of deeper theological issues that are relevant to our lives as Christians. They answer questions like: What are human beings, and what are we called to do in this world? Who is the Holy Spirit, and how active is he in the world? And when are the end times, and what are they like?

Course Group Goals

  • Explore the doctrines of humanity's creation, role as bearers of God's image, and fall into sin, and position in the covenant of grace.
  • Consider the Holy Spirit's role in the Trinity, the world, the church, and the believer.
  • Survey the end times in terms of the goal of creation, the fate of the living and the dead, return of Christ, and the end of the age.

Available Courses in this Group